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getting back into drawing sure is an adventure when you weren't even good to begin with.


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Name: Benjamin Augustus Lindsay-Howden
AKA: Benji, Ben, Maxie, Gus, R...
Age: sixteen
Gender: demiboy? ish?
Pronouns: he/him
RO: bi/panromantic
SO: asexual

so basically im ben. im otherkin and fictionkin so like if you hate that kind of stuff this is probably not the place for you.

~school buddies~
~drama buds~
~tfw gf~
~internet friends~
Okay okay so I'm getting back into animation by working on a personal project. It's called Pawprint Apocalypse and that's all I'm gonna say. If you feel like taking a voice role...tell me. Voices I need immediately are all for female characters. I don't care what gender you are or whether your voice is broken or whatever, only requirement is that you have to be comfortable with voicing a female character.
Characters I need voices for:
Helena: a lot of heart. she is often laughed at as she acts for herself, not to please others. that upsets her but still, she is confident, cheerful and very protective and almost parental to her friends.
Violette: pretty quiet, not because she's shy but because she just doesn't really wanna talk. the kind of person who's always smiling- be it a smirk, a knowing smile, or whatever else. very responsible. also, she occasionally speaks french, so you have to be able to sort of pronounce french words
Corona: young and angry, mostly because she's scared. can be very snarky and moody but has her moments of warmth too. lot of muttering. lot of feelings.

more minor charpresident Preston and

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lightning look!!! Is it not super beautiful!!!! More Beth and Hailey for us :D
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I needed to come out this way somehow and this felt the best so . . . Sorry but I had to.
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Great you? o.o
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